I grew up drawing the moment I could hold a pencil in my hand. From drawing ponies and dragons on the walls of my family’s home at a young age, to now creating art traditionally and digitally.

I was always passionate with art from the very start I pursue an education in Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in what I love doing the most, creating art for both game and film industries.

My favorite thing to make is creating aliens, and creatures. However, I don’t like to limit my skills and abilities. So I like to keep my options open by being able to also make environments, props, weapons and user experience designs. On the side I have experience in traditional drawing, 2D painting, and logo design.

When I’m not busy developing my skills, I like to spend time with my family and my cute loving dog. I love playing the latest console games and enjoy going out to observe nature. If there is one thing I love most, it is to travel with my loved ones when given the chance and experience different cultures and places. If I get the chance I like to take photos for my own reference and texture files.