Captains Desk:

This is a project I did for class and only had three days to create. I ended up coming back to it wanting to create final touchups which only took a day to do. The idea was to create a man-made object (in my case the focus was the pistol) and to create it as realisticly textured as possible. Then on top of that we had to create a scene around the object. Here are the final results and a few progress shots to show how I've set up the scene. The first thing I needed to do was search for a mood I wanted to compel and get an idea of objects to fill up the scene. I felt that a warm atmosphere would best represent what I wanted to achieve. I ended up taking a couple of my own reference photographs that I also ended up using in my materials. Then I have a few things I found reference for online.

Softwares used: Unreal Engine, Zbrush, Maya 2016, Headus UV Layout, Photoshop, and Substance Painter.